5 Best Apps to Monitor Your Health

5 Best Apps to Monitor Your Health

You want to pay attention to your health, but you are not sure how to do it. Indeed, with all that we hear about our ways of life, it is legitimate to ask questions! With products that are not good for health, a lifestyle that is not very healthy… You would like to improve all this, and your smartphone can help you with health apps!

Yes, this is amazing, but this phone that follows you everywhere can help you improve your lifestyle! With the various mobile apps that we suggest below, (but there are still so many more!) The lifestyle you dream of will be a little more accessible every day.

1. Yuca: For Healthy Foods!

With all that we hear, what we see… we do not know what to buy or eat! Which ingredient is good for our health, which products have additives…? We must read, one by one and understand each line of the components of a food product. And that can take hours, and we do not have as much time when we shop! And that’s when the Yuka app arrives in our cell phones!

This Yuka app is perfect! You do your shopping at the supermarket, scan the barcode of the food you want to buy, and you’ll know immediately if it’s good for you or not! With a rating of 100 and its color codes, you immediately understand if the product is healthy … or not. The application Yuka offers alternatives if the food is bad! The application Yuka also deals with cosmetics recently. Yuka has a rating of 4.5 on Google Play.

2. Inci Beauty: Quality Cosmetics!

We must take care of our skin, which is attacked by pollution every day. But also the hair, and all other parts of our body to which we must pay attention. However, if the cosmetic product we use has chemical components, the opposite effect will occur! That’s why the Inci Beauty app exists! It works the same way as the Yuka app! Just scan the barcode, and you will know if the product is of good quality. While having the opportunity to have alternatives! If some products are not yet on the app, you can always help the community based on the ingredients and write them down yourself! This application Inci Beauty has a rating of 4.3 on Google Play.

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3. My fitnesspal: For a weight loss!

The My Fitnesspal app will help you lose weight more easily! Stop diets that never end! This My Fitnesspal application will count for you the number of calories present in food. It is also possible to save your favorite foods as well as your favorite meals! And if you think you do not have the courage to do it, do not panic! It is even possible to perform this diet with friends, and follow your different progressions! Nothing better not to give up and encourage each other! The food is not the only thing to change, the My Fitnesspal app also offers physical exercises: cardio or muscle, you have the choice! This My Fitnesspal app has a 4.6 rating on Google Play! So, are we getting a little upgrade?

4. Cardiograph: Monitor Your Heart Rate!

If you want to take your pulse, pay attention to your heart rate, the Cardiograph application will help you! You will see your heart rate in real time, and save it to watch over time. No need for external equipment to check your pulse, the smartphone will be enough for you! Need to control your pulse during a sports exercise, because of stress or just to see, Cardiograph is available! The Cardiographer app has a rating of 3.8 on Google Play!

5. Sleep Cycle: For A Restful Night!

With the Sleep Cycle app you will wake up more naturally. No need to put your smartphone in bed. Put it aside on a bedside table or on the floor that will be enough! During the night your smartphone will pay attention to your movements and sounds, determining your sleep phases. When you reach a light sleep phase, the Sleep Cycle app will wake you up gently! You will not have the impression of never finishing your nights and being already tired. You also have other options if you take a Premium account, which does not make the Sleep Cycle app completely free … The Sleep Cycle app has a rating of 4.5 on Google Play! Ready to dream sweet dreams?

We’ve introduced five apps to improve your lifestyle, all thanks to smartphones! There are still tons, try them and choose the ones that seem most relevant to you! Do not hesitate to tell us about your experiences if you try them!

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