5 Helpful Tips for a Safe Drive in Summer

5 Helpful Tips for a Safe Drive in Summer

Whether driving for pleasure or work, every season has its rules to hit the road in a safe and appropriate manner. Same is said for summer ( safety driving tips/driving safety facts/summer travel safety tips/Safe Drive/mapquest driving directions ) and this is one season when most of us plan to take a family trip irrespective of the hot and humid weather. Driving in hot weather is challenging and dangerous for humans as well as cars alike but, taking a few simple precautions can surely make it comfortable and fun all the way. Here’s what you need to do!

1. Being Visionary

Seaside destinations and the routes that lead there can become highly trafficked during summer months so it’s always better to check before you leave. Plan the safest and least packed route to avoid straining yourself and the car. Look online at the digital maps, follow the news and relevant sources to remain on the safe side.

2. Keep Things Cool

Burnouts are frequent during the summer season and they can happen to both the driver and their car. So, it’s better to avoid all such situations and remain unexposed to things that trigger exhaustion. If possible, park the car in shade so that when you settle in, the cabin’s comfortable and free of the typical chemical fumes which release on reaction to the sunlight and inhaling it is significantly harmful. And in case you’re unable to find a shade, better leave the door and windows open for a few minutes before you sit inside to release the heat and return the cabin temperature to normal.

3. Fluid Levels

Much like yourself, cars also need to have the right fluid level for optimum performance. It’s obvious that an increase in temperature can heat up the engine quicker than usual as well as resulting in a drop of coolant levels. It’s thus recommended to check the fluid levels of the car all too frequently during summer, especially before you hit the road. Top up the level as per the manufacturer’s recommendations and if you get stuck in traffic somewhere, no need to keep the engine running; let it rest until you’re all clear to move ahead.

4. Beware of Cyclists

Bipedal riders are far more dangerous to encounter on the road during the summer season than anything else. Things can get pretty rough if you stumble onto rowdy cyclists who ride carelessly but, you should act more wisely and keep your eyes open for all. Drive at a normal or slow pace even in normal conditions for everyone’s safety.

5. The Tyre Check

During summer, there’ve been more cases of tyre blowouts because of improper inflation and heat. As a result, you’re left with damaged tyres, increased risk of punctures and unexpected blowouts which raises the chances of accidents. Always check your car tyres before taking on the road; look for inflation level that has to be right, tread depth which shouldn’t fall below the manufacturer’s recommendation or as per the state’s driving laws and have your car befitted with quality tyres.

Have the best driving experience during summer following basic safety tips as listed above.

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