Alanna 100% Natural and Vegan Skincare Brand

Alanna Naturally Beautiful, Your Skin Breathes Nature.

Alanna Naturally Beautiful
Alanna Naturally Beautiful

In 2015, while working with an MNC, I realized consumers are becoming aware of toxic chemicals used in most of the skincare products and wanted to shift back to the Indian heritage of Natural Skin care products ( alanna brand ).

But the exiting options were either available at a huge premium, difficult to incorporate in customers’ daily routines or ineffective products at a very cheap price which customers didn’t want to buy. There were no mid-segment effective Skin products.

My passion for skincare products led me to bootstrap and I immediately started making products in my kitchen on my own. The idea was to make products that are 100% Natural with no compromises in the quality and should be affordable.

Hence, our mantra becomes “Affordable Luxury“, that aims to reach to masses.

Initially, Alanna sold hand-made natural products directly to customers through Social Media and 15+ exhibitions across India, where I personally interacted with 10,000+ customers and understood their skin-concerns.  

In 2016, outpouring numbers of repeat orders validated the business idea and also gave me enough confidence to expand business by outsourcing our product manufacturing to a factory. 

Product Range

Currently, Alanna is selling a wide range of 28 products across 11 categories through multiple e-commerce websites in India and has served 20,000+ customers. We are also targeting to launch 2-3 new products every quarter.

An average woman uses 10+ different categories of skincare products in a week (make-up excluded).


Our customers are based across India, most of them are women between the age group of 18 -45 years mostly buying through word-of-mouth and online.

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Award & Recognitions

In 2017, Alanna won Best Design Award in India by Pool Magazine. Our products are Peta Certified.  Multiple of our products are featured as Amazon Choice by Amazon. Products are featured in many International/ National magazines & on various online blogs/platforms.

Sneak Peak of the Founder

Raised in a business family, entrepreneurship was a given for Rashi, though she took the plunge only after an eight-year stint in the corporate world.  Rashi started Alanna in Mumbai from her kitchen and her early experiments were with charcoal soap. Initially, she got friends and family to try out her products.

She launched Alanna in 2015 with 28 products and 20 orders. And in the next two years, this scale to a massive 2000-2500 orders. Attracted to the FMCG industry, she realized there was a need for safe vegan and natural products and more importantly at affordable rates. She claims her products are 100 percent vegan

With international shipping, it caters to customers outside India too.

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