Can online gambling make you a better person?

Can online gambling make you a better person?

It sounds strange and contradictory to our beliefs. Plenty of people overlook the benefits of online gambling just because it is associated with winning and losing money. Playing at online casinos teaches a player so much more than just the rules of the concerned game.

Here, we will discuss how online gambling/online casinos can change our lives, alter how we think, and help us become better individuals.

1. Improve your health for online gambling

A professor at the Behaviour Analysis and Therapy Program at Southern Illinois University came up with a study showing that gambling instills a sense of satisfaction in people.

Professor Dixon’s team asked nursing residents to participate in gambling activities such as blackjack and five-card stud poker. The team then used a four-point analysis to measure happiness levels among subjects. They discovered that participants were happier playing these games as opposed to watching TV and sitting or eating with friends.

Similarly, another study conducted at the Yale School of Medicine showed a positive correlation between gambling and improved health. The dedicated team compared the health of people who gambled versus those who didn’t. With measured health levels being alcohol use, substance use, depression, bankruptcy, etc., gamblers were found to have a lower indication of bad health.

2. Improved maths

One of the more attractive things about gambling/online casinos is that it helps a person improve their mathematical and reasoning abilities. For starters, the calculation of winning probabilities helps a player stay mentally sharp.

For games like poker, constant use of maths is required to calculate the winning hand, pot total, division of pot money amongst players, etc. At the same time, blackjack players use card counting strategies to improve their winning odds. Even on a bad day, gambling/online casinos can be a very good way to practice maths.

3. Improved social skills

The primary motive of these online casino games is fun. After all, these games would not be so popular if they did not provide entertainment. There is a substantial chunk of the population that will spend a designated amount of money gambling because it helps them relax and unwind.

Gambling platforms are also a great place to socialise and interact with people who are enthusiastic about similar things. Moreover, engaging in casino games like poker helps a player read other people better. You have to understand the other player at the table and predict their moves to increase your chances of winning. Sometimes, reading and interacting with people can help you recognise a weak or underconfident player. This is why socialising skills form a major prerequisite in gambling. So, those who aren’t so good at connecting with people can quickly become better at socialising.

4. Improved decision-making

Be it card games online or typical casino games like roulette or baccarat, they require a player to take swift decisions in time. These decisions have to be quick, precise and right because a player can lose their money out of one wrong decision. Similarly, casino games prepare a player for life-threatening situations. Quick decision-making skills as a result of relentless online gambling can come in handy in such situations.

5. Makes you an optimist

Gambling online requires a perpetually positive mindset. In general, people who gamble regularly learn to see the brighter side of life and are always rooting for big wins. This positivity translates in real life also, and players tend to shed negativity. Many players believe in manifestation and power of believing; they are generally seen visualising and willing favourable and profitable circumstances.

6. Hope for a heftier bank balance

Playing casino games online is fun and comes with rewards. Be it lottery jackpots, card games or roulette, winning in any casino game increases your bank balance. History shows that whenever Lady Luck shines upon a player, the amount won has transformed their life for the better. People have been able to invest and save massive amounts of money that have lasted long after their retirement. Some have paid all their debts, and a few bought expensive cars and houses to improve their standard of living.

However, it is important to remember that the objective of playing these games online is relaxing and having fun, rather than just winning. Even though with progressive lotteries and some casino games, the chances of winning aren’t that promising, it should not prevent you from playing a game you really like.


Gambling helps make your life better and adds to your skillset. However, it’s important not to get carried away. Too much of anything can be harmful. Just take it easy and focus on the fun part of it. Make a budget, stick to it, and don’t plan well before heading for that big fat jackpot.

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