Duration Between Blood Tests And Release Of Results


At different points in our lives, we have to take blood tests. It could be for a routine check-up or the diagnosis of a disease of some kind. Different blood tests are available, and each blood test has a unique purpose and reason. Like the various blood tests, their results take different amounts of time before they are ready. While some results are ready in a couple of minutes, others take days or even weeks before they are finally available.

The duration of your result release is dependent on different factors; however, with Blood London, getting a Harley street blood test will guarantee you results as soon as possible.

Blood Test Procedure

A blood test requires blood before it can be carried out. Getting the blood sample for the test will be done through a process known as blood draw. Also known as venipuncture, a blood draw is a process whereby blood is taken from a vein in the body. Performing a venipuncture or blood draw involves the following process:

  • Phlebotomists begin the process by washing their hands or by sanitizing them, after which they wear gloves. Phlebotomists are medical personnel who commonly perform blood draws.
  • A tourniquet is placed around the area in which blood will be drawn. The tourniquet is usually an elastic or rubber band
  • A vein is identified, and the area is cleaned with an alcohol wipe
  • A small hollow needle is inserted into the vein, and blood is drawn or collected into a syringe or tube
  • The tourniquet is removed, and gentle pressure is applied on the puncture site to stop bleeding. The bandage is rarely used to stop bleeding.

The entire process should take about 5 – 10 mins. It depends on the visibility and accessibility of your vein. The process can only take too long if the veins are not visible enough or they are too thin.

Various Blood Tests And Their Results Duration

As earlier mentioned, there are various blood tests one can take, each for different purposes and with different time frames. There are some common blood tests with an aller time of result release, and there are more complex or serious blood tests with longer time frames.

Common Blood Tests

  1. Basic metabolic panel

This is a common blood test whereby the electrolytes in your blood, together with other compounds, are measured. It includes glucose, calcium, potassium, creatinine, etc. It may require you to fast for a certain period before the venipuncture. The results for this test are usually available within 24 hours after the test.

  • Complete blood count(CBC)

This test measures the presence of the ten cell types found in the red blood cells, the platelets, and the white blood cells. Examples include the RBC count, WBC count, and hemoglobin. The results for this test are always ready within 24 hours.

  • Lipid pane

This test measures the cholesterol level in the body. It includes the HDL (high-density lipoprotein) and LDL (low-density lipoprotein). The results for this test, like the CBC, are available within 24 hours, provided the analysis is carried out in an on-site laboratory.

  • Complete metabolic panel

This test, although common, covers both CBC and basic metabolic panel, as well as albumin,  total protein and four tests of the liver function. As the name implies, it is complete metabolic testing, that is usually ordered by the doctor when there is a need to understand your liver or kidney properly. Because it is a comprehensive test, the results are ready in about 3 days at the latest.

More Complex Or Serious Blood Tests

  1. Cancer tests

Depending on the type of cancer being tested for, the doctor can use different blood test types to detect its presence. Testing for cancer is complex and requires precision because some tumors are rare and can be easily missed. The results for this test take days or possibly weeks before they are ready.

  • Anemia tests

Tests for anemia can be derived from a CBC test. However, depending on the laboratory conducting the test, the test results can be available in 10 minutes or hours. Rapid test results for this test are also available in some hospitals or laboratories.

  • Pregnancy blood test

A pregnancy blood test can either be qualitative or quantitative. A qualitative blood test provides either yes or no to pregnancy, whereas a quantitative test doesn’t just check for pregnancy but for the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) and its level. This is a hormone produced during pregnancy. The duration for the availability of this result depends on whether or not the test was carried out in an in-laboratory or another lab. If the test was carried out in an in-laboratory, the results could be available in a matter of hours. Otherwise, it can take days. Note, however, that pregnancy blood test provides more accurate results than the nancy urine test, although the latter provides results more readily.

  • STDs test (sexually transmitted diseases)

The different results for different STDs tests take different time frames. For HIV, the results can be ready in a matter of minutes. For other STDs like herpes or syphilis, it can take days or weeks before the results will be available. Some STDs, on the other hand, are tested for without blood samples; instead, urine or saliva swab is used. Also, some STD tests require a follow-up test, and this can further delay the result time.

  • Thyroid test

A thyroid test is one that checks for the presence of thyroid hormone in the blood. This test is usually recommended to check for any disease or condition affecting the thyroid gland. The result takes a couple of days before it is released.

How Do I Get My Test Results

After the testing process, and your result is ready, it can be sent to you directly through a phone call, or online after your doctor has reviewed it. Other times, it can be sent directly to you without a review from your doctor.

Factors That Could Delay Your Result

Some factors could cause your result not to be released on time. Those factors include

  • Contaminated sample
  • Inadequate sample
  • Taking the test in a different laboratory outside your hospital
  • You are taking a serious or complicated blood test

Tips On Getting A Quicker Test Result

Occasionally, test results are delayed, not because of any real issue, but because there is the feeling that the owner is not in haste. Here are some tips on getting your test results quicker.

  • Get your tests carried out in a hospital with an on-site laboratory
  • Ask for quick test results if any
  • Let them know you would like to wait for the results before you leave

At Blood London, we guarantee speedy results when we conduct a blood test in London. After review of the result conducted by our well-experienced doctors, your result will be sent you via online or by phone call. We are constantly available at all times to respond to patients in need of medical assistance. Reach out to us today for your blood tests.

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