Famous fast-food chains compete on social media

fast food chains on social media

As people’s lives are becoming busier, the fast-food industries are gaining more sales every year. Everyone has a hard-pressed routine leaving no time to cook or even eat out sitting peacefully. 

This Millenial routine has resulted in the evolution of Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) in the food industry. Also known as fast-food chains, serve the customers’ orders swiftly as they are always in a rush whether going to work, in the lunch break or heading home after a long day. 

The quick-service has proven to be a boon for the working class as well as students or anyone having a tight schedule. Consumers in the United States have spent a little less than $300 billion in 2018 just on fast food. 

Only a rare soul would not love a burger and fries for their meal. Because of this fact, the burger serving chains McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s have become very popular among the youth and to an extent among the senior citizens too. 

No doubt, McDonald’s leads the fast food industry worldwide till today. In the market shares where Burger King is at the seventh position, Mc Donald’s stands proudly in the first position, while Wendy’s lags behind. 

All three chains have switched to digital marketing to raise its sales even higher. Despite running behind in sales, Wendy’s has a strong game on social media. She is savage and answers everyone with witty replies.

Recently, the marketing of these three chains has turned into roasting each other on social channels. And the results are quite hilarious in addition to being highly entertaining.  

Let’s dive into the communications these burger providers are having on social networking sites.

1. The cold comeback

Wendy’s had been taunting Mc Donald’s for serving burgers with frozen beef for a while. Last year in the mid-2018, Mc Donald’s had announced that it would be serving Fresh Beef replacing the frozen ones in most of its outlets. 

The cold comeback

Even after this initiative to impress the consumers, Wendy’s did not spare its rival. By firing back with the fact that they had been serving frozen beef for this long on a majority of their restaurants. 

Famous fast-food chains compete on social media

2. Not a meal suggestion

One more time when Wendy gave a witty reply to a customer asking for suggestions on what to eat at the Mc D.

It boldly recommended that the best thing to get from there was to GET OUT and come over to eat at Wendy’s

Not a meal suggestion

3. Plenty of options

This person tweeted to Wendy’s about his problem. Wherein he stated that he preferred Wendy’s but his girlfriend wanted to go to Mc Donald’s. And once again with a humorous and not so kind reply, it had surely grabbed a lot of attention

According to Wendy’s, it’s better to ditch the girlfriend if she does not like their food. 

Plenty of options

4. Leave the King

As per Wendy’s opinion, the directions are the only thing you must get from Burger King.

Leave the King

5. The frozen Kingdom

One more savage rag to Burger King’s tweet.

The frozen Kingdom

6. Broken

Wendy’s had a good laugh at Mc Donald’s ice-cream machines being out of service on many occasions when the customers demanded shakes or ice-creams.  


7. The Stranded Island

When Wendy’s chose to build a raft and escape the stranded island over having the only option for food available there. 

If the Island was stranded why would there be fast-food chains? Smart move Wendy. Smart move!

The Stranded Island

8. Trashy opinion

Well, that is not the right direction I suppose.

Trashy opinion

9. Decent Food

Hey Ronald, you must try a cheeseburger from Wendy’s.

Decent Food

10. Not so happy meal

Burger King’s ad against Mc Donald’s happy meal. It promoted that not everyone is happy all the time. Moreover, customizing meals according to different moods other than happy such as – pissed meal, yaaas meal, DGAF meal, salty meal, and blue meal (left to right).

Not so happy meal

The campaign went with the branded hashtag #FeelYourWay. The concept was interesting though.

11. Missing you

A rare moment when McDonald’s made fun of its savage rival Wendy who had always been poky with mean tweets. 

It was the time when Wendy’s chain closed in Singapore. The Mc without losing any time scoffed at the situation saying the empty restaurants led to the tragic closing down of the eatery. Showing authority of Mc Donald’s eateries in Singapore (and other places on the globe).

Missing you

12. Prom Date

Burger King realized that it would be a little change to make friends with Wendy’s to be safe from the ruthless social media trolling. So, the King asked the lady to prom.

The reply was just as amazing creating a huge wave of aww in the audience. 

Prom Date

13. Never trust a clown

Mc Donald’s has been constantly ridiculed by Burger King for its association with the clown regarded by many as horrifying or scary. It is not an unknown fact that the clown has often been used as the villain in horror movies. 

Children especially have a fear of clowns. Taking advantage of this, Burger King posted pictures of kids who cried when they were picked up by clowns. Supporting this scene with the dialogue “Birthdays are supposed to be happy”, it drove more customers planning a birthday party for their child. 

Never trust a clown

Besides this, it had also made another ad at the time of Halloween asking people to come dressed as a clown to get a free whopper. It has also made a mobile application with Artificial Reality (AR) to support this opposition of clowns. The movement goes by the name #EscapeTheClown and offers a coupon for a whopper burger at the lowest price of one cent.

Even though it has a countdown, the deal was appreciated by everyone who used the app. 

In a nutshell, these advertisements had been very entertaining for the viewers. Moreover, the engagement rates on the posts were observed to be incredibly high in very little time. It was a smart promotion and even resulted in better sales for the outlets. 

This is why social interactions are a necessary step in marketing. A social presence can get you a wider audience and raised engagement. 

You can take the help of a digital marketing company for creative ideas or just do it yourself. Either way, be witty and unique when you are promoting on social media.  

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