Hong Kong Macau is an Ultimate fun! Know Why?

Hong Kong Macau

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Itinerary: 6 nights 7 days, from Delhi, Ahmedabad
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6 days of fun while enjoying the adventure of Disneyland, romantic evening at luxurious cruise, exploring the reasonable and cheap shopping arcade is what makes the stay in Hong Kong Macau tour, pass in a peck of the moment.

What makes Hong Kong Macau tour Package so Popular?


After travelling to many Asian countries and exploring every nook of the city, country Hongkong with Macau tour is recognised as an outright deal that excites the adventurous streak of all age groups. You should choose one Hong Kong Macau tour package to make your trip an exciting one.

The Hongkong Macau itinerary is designed in such a manner that you can enjoy both the cities in comfort, luxury and amusement. The complete vacation is flexible and will keep you indulge in your kind of activities. The reasons why the Hong Kong Macau tour packages are so popular are:

1) Best Deal.

The traveller can enjoy the best stay, best dining options, best cruise, best itinerary at best prices. The package is the inclusion of exploring 2 different cities with varied options:


This is the city that never sleeps. The city is alive all night with an end number of options for restaurants,  pubs, bars, twinkling skyscrapers, and the thrilling wildlife. The city is not only advance in its infrastructures but is going places in cultural conglomeration. It would be easy for you to plan a trip if select one exciting Hong Kong Macau tour package.


 The major attractions of the city are

  • Victoria peak
  • Tram ride
  • Madame Tussauds Museum
  • Disneyland
  • Ocean  Park
  • Nightlife
  • Aberdeen fishing village
  • Jewellery market.

Best Time to Visit:

November to January.


Macau is the Las Vegas of Asia with a luxurious stay and a paradise for gamblers. The casinos attract lots of adventurous people to try out their luck and turn into a millionaire overnight. The sparkling nightlife can be enjoyed with the city tour to heritage and ancient forts, spectacular monasteries, soaring beaches, live events & concerts. So one Hong Kong Macau tour package will be a great option to choose for your adventurous trip with your loved ones.


The major attractions of the city are:

  • UNESCO world heritage site followed by the Temple of A-MA & St. Paul ruins.
  • Fisherman’s Wharf – theme park of Macau.
  • Macau Grand Prix circuit
  • Cassino

Best Time to Visit:

November to January.

2) Cheap and Flexible

Hong Kong Macau is an Ultimate fun! Know Why?

Another important feature of the Hong Kong Macau tour is that it can be easily molded according to the comfortability of the visitors. There are different Hong Kong Macau tour packages offered by tour operators that are best suited for romantic couples, friends, families with kids, senior citizens and even for solo travellers.

The cost of Hongkong and Macau tours usually falls under the range of  Rs70,000-Rs 1,20,000. But if you choose one of the interesting Hong Kong Macau tour packages there are possibilities of getting some amazing offer.

3) Complete Vacation

The Hong Kong Macau tour is a complete vacation with numerous activities to enjoy. You will have more fun if you select one great Hong Kong Macau tour package as they will plan a complete trip for you.

The Trip can be enjoyed with the inclusion of:

  • Luxurious Cruise
  • A day at Disneyland
  • At Wildlife safari
  • At Underwater parks
  • Shopping malls
  • Luxurious stay
  • Calm visit to monasteries

And many more things to do.

4) Overnight Package


Travelling from Hong Kong Macau is also the highlight of this trip. The fast ferries rides or the and buses that run over the world-famous Hong Kong Macau bridge takes a tourist from one city to another in no time. With such unique and fast commuting facilities both cities can be easily skewed in an overnight Hong Kong Macau tour package.

5) Tailor-made

The itinerary can be easily tailor-made and can be enjoyed in manifolds. The tour operators provide the customized itinerary that is best suited for guests at affordable prices. So choose an amazing Hong Kong Macau tour package to have lots of fun with such a flexible, and cost-effective option the Hong Kong with Macau tour with Venetian Lake or Disney land or cruise is hot selling cake.

6) Comfortable Itinerary


The trip to both these beautiful cities is an amazing experience because of the comfortable itinerary that is been followed. The itinerary for 4 days,5 days, 6 days, or 7 days follows the same routine which is given below, with only slight changes.

  1. Hong Kong to Macau ferry ticket [city route]
  2. 2 nights stay in Macau
  3. Macau city tour with Indian lunch SIC basis
  4. Macau return hotel transfers by hotel shuttle bus [every 10 minutes]
  5. Macau to Hong Kong city centre ferry tickets
  6. HKG ferry terminal to Hong Kong hotel transfers
  7. 2 nights stay in Hong Kong city centre
  8. Hong Kong by night tour – visit Victoria peak, tram ride, Madame Tussauds
  9. Full day Disneyland entrance with transfers
  10. Full day Ocean Park entrance with hotel transfers
  11. Hong Kong hotel to Hong Kong airport transfers
  12. Return flight ex- Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai  Ahmedabad.[any hub]


Hong Kong with Macau tour package has gained lots of popularity in recent days. The easy and flexible itinerary can be customized according to the visitor’s interest which is not only cheap but also gives a complete vacation experience to the travellers. The trip is also popular because of the unmatching enthusiasm of kids to be at Disneyland, a land of their superheroes and Disney characters which indulge many families to plan this trip during school vacations.

The luxurious cruise and ferry rides attract lots of honeymoon couples to spend some cozy time on water away from chaotic city life.

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