Is Your Child a Spoiled Child? Does he show tantrums?

A ‘spoiled child’ or ‘spoiled brat’ term is used for the children.

Is Your Child a Spoiled Child
Is Your Child a Spoiled Child

A ‘spoiled child’ or ‘spoiled brat’ term is used for the children who exhibit behavioral problems when they are stopped from what they are doing. Not a single parent wants their child to be spoiled. But sometimes their over-pampering, negligence, and strictness are the main reasons for spoiling them.

Some signs of a terribly spoiled child

Whenever we ask any parent how they want to raise their kid, they say, “morality, compassion, and kindness are the topmost qualities.” What parents avoid is the child who grows over pampered, too much disciplined often tend to get spoiled. Just check on your child if you see the following signs in your kid.

  1. They don’t play well with others. When anyone wants to play with them, they behave rudely, hurts them, breaks toys, etc are the main signs of your child grows to a spoiled one. Involving others in activities is one of the most important parts of one’s life.
  2. If your child does not like to get involved in activities with others. They generally drive people away from them. They don’t want to play with other kids, is one of the reasons they are spoiled is in the process to get spoiled. Check them on time.
  3. If your child throws tantrums all the time. They scream, shout out or get angry for what they want when you don’t give them that. Then your child is getting overindulged. These signs are mostly seen in growing kids. We need to check it on time.
  4. If your child is not helpful. They don’t hand you something when asked or not bothered to clean the mess they created or they likely don’t bother to pick up things fallen.
  5.  If your child doesn’t express gratitude, are not polite and undisciplined then it is a good sign that they are spoiled.
  6. To handle your child sometimes you have to give empty threats and then also they don’t listen is another sign of your child getting spoiled.
  7. It is generally seen in most of the growing kids that they tend to show off their things and feel that they are superior to others, then they are spoiled.

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How to correct your spoiled child

It’s not so difficult to correct your child’s behavior if you catch what is wrong at an early stage. We just have to keep a check on their behavior from time to time. And take out time from our busy schedule if you see any of the above signs that affect their life.

  1. We should stop over pampering our child. For instance, we should never say yes to everything they want. By saying yes every time, spoils them and they get habituated of getting what they want.
  2. You should never shout or increase your voice in front of your kids. You should talk firmly. Try to listen to them, what they want to say. Never get to a conclusion directly. Before saying yes/no you should think what is necessary.
  3. You should reward for every good behavior, but it should not be any kind of bribe. It should be kind of hugs, kisses, praises, etc.
  4. You should set limits on purchasing. You should help them know the value for money and buying only what is necessary.
  5. You should try to ignore their unreasonable behavior. Do not entertain them, never lose your patience, because they are only a child and cannot differentiate between what is right or wrong.

Correcting a spoiled child is not an easy task, but you have to deal with patience and a lot of understanding before it gets too late.