Is your child shy or introvert? Or an extrovert or friendly?

The extrovert or friendly child?

Is your child shy or introvert? Or an extrovert or friendly?

First of all, go through the dictionary and find out synonyms ( extrovert meaning ) for extrovert and introvert. What do you find? Yes, you are right. Extrovert means those who connect with the world easily, while introvert means vice-versa. Getting connected to everyone is good. It helps in the development of a child positively.  The behavior of your child ( introvert test ) shows what they actually are.

To some extent being an extrovert or an introvert is good. But for the long term, this would cause a lot of problems. For instance, being too much friendly with a stranger can lead to a big problem. If your child loves to hang out with anyone i.e. he/she loves to go out and interact easily, it can lead to the problem. We can’t judge anyone, but for safety issues of our child, we need to take care of these simple things.

Likewise being an introvert every time also invites problems for the child. He/ she does not get involved easily with anyone. This can lead to less development and less knowledge of the outer world. While growing up they come in contact with many people, by whom they learn many things. But if your children is an introvert he/she will not easily get involved in the discussion.

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How to know that your child is introvert or extrovert?

Just check whether your child loves to be with people around them or loves being alone. Introvert children feel energetic when they are left alone, they love themselves and feel drained out if they see people around them. An extrovert child loves to be with lot of people around them. He/she likes to play, roam around with anyone.

How to care for an introvert?

  1. We should always respect the privacy they need.
  2. Try not to embarrass them in public.
  3. Try to teach them new skills privately.
  4. We should not try to interrupt them.
  5. Enable them to find at least one best friend who has the same abilities and interests.
  6. Try not to push them more friends.
  7. Give them notice in advance if you want some changes.
  8. If they behave badly or show tantrums. Don’t scold them. Give them warnings.

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How to care for an extrovert?

  1. We should respect their independence.
  2. Try to compliment them in public.
  3. You should make physical and verbal gestures of affection.
  4. Try to surprise them for every good thing.
  5. Don’t interfere when they are busy. Try to understand them.
  6. Allow them to explore things and talk about them.
  7. We should always accept and encourage them for their enthusiasm.

How to let them know whether they are introvert or extrovert?

  1. It would be easy to say then to be done, but let them determine what they like. Whether he/she loves to be alone or being with others.
  2. When your child pinpoints they are introvert or extrovert, you have to teach them how their mood affects their day to day life in the long run.
  3. Give them full time to explore and bring necessary changes in their behaviors.

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