8 Places in India for Navratri and dandiya nights celebrations

Are you ready to play garba? Here are the top 8 places in India for Navratri celebrations and dandiya nights!

Navratri and dandiya nights celebrations

Navratri 2019 is just around the corner and preparations are already in place to celebrate the nine nights with much fervor and pomp. While Navratri 2019 is celebrated in different parts of the country, the way it is done is pretty different. In the south, it is celebrated as Golu with a display of dolls that symbolize feminine power. You wouldn’t find dance to be a part of the celebrations. In the north, Navratri is usually celebrated with Ramleela that depicts the story of Sanskrit literature and effigies of the Ravana area unit burnt on Dussehra. However, in western a part of India is wherever the important celebrations turn up with all the music, dancing, Garba and dandiya. The energy of the folks throughout now is infectious with everybody showing their wonderful moves and golf shot their best foot forward and diversion the night away. Gujarat and even city have the biggest Garba dance and dandiya nights. For 9 nights, young and recent go out wearing their dress, armed with 2 dandiya sticks and an entire ton of spunk. we bring you our choice of the eight places in India to own a blast during Navratri.

1. Adventure Island, Delhi

Adventure Island is the place to be if you’re in Delhi and want to get your Garba on. And for all you Cinderellas who have to be home before midnight but just can’t stop till it all winds down, don’t fret because the dance begins at 7.30 pm and ends by 10.30 pm, making it perfect for you to get back in bed before its too late. While at Adventure Island, take a break from the dancing and enjoy the food, rides, street magic and of course, the Garba troupe.

2. Surat International Exhibition Centre, Surat

Get set to dance the night away every day of Navratri and more from the land that gave us the Garba and dandiya. Shanku’s Dandiya 2016 is all about dance and fun. The event will be at the Surat International Exhibition Centre that has a capacity of 20,000 people and is air-conditioned as well. Artists like Chetan Rana, Sanai Rawani, Rajesh Modi, Zarna Kotecha, and Priya Patidaar will enthrall you with their performances.

3. Navlakhi Garba Ground, Vadodara

If you want to truly experience the spirit of Garba in its rustic form, visit Vadodara which is all set to host Garba nights with live singers performing folk songs on all the nine nights. The traditional dance nights will be for all and singers like Gautam Dabir and Anupa Pota will perform live. If you do not want to dance, you can even be a viewer.

4. SVP Stadium, Mumbai

Dance the evening away with LED dandiya sticks on beats that are Gujarati with a touch of Bollywood. Get your Ghaghra-cholis ready as you join the party at SVP Stadium. Called the Dome Raas Garba, this event is the only indoor air-conditioned arena in Mumbai where dandiya will take place. Parthiv Gohil will perform live for you. The dance will go on until midnight.

5. Kutchi Ground, Mumbai

Borivali is the hub of Gujaratis in Mumbai and it goes without saying that Navratri is celebrated here with great pomp. Not just nine but 11 days of dandiya nights are being organized here to make you groove. Singers Pinky and Preeti will perform along with Rafiq Shaikh and other bands to make the event even more memorable. This is going to be an exciting Navratri Mahotsav.

6. Mahi Party Plot, Ahmedabad

Called the Red Raas, this Garba night is currently in its seventh season to host this event in Ahmedabad. The festival of Navratri will take place with all new artists performing on each day. Names like Harshit Mehta, Nayan Pancholi, Darshana Gandhi, and many others will enthrall you with their performance.

7. Aman Aakash Party Plot, Ahmedabad

The Mirchi Rock N Dhol party wherever movie industry celebs additionally take part for a few Navratri fun is back in Ahmedabad. The line-up includes many artists, a distinct one on day by day. Amit Thakkar, Devang Patel, Bhumika crowned head, Aditya Gadhvi area unit a number of them to call a couple of. Not simply music, additionally dance to dhol beats here.

8. Vivenza by Gopi, Ahmedabad

Called the Folk Studio Garba, this party is a refreshing one with Bollywood music composers Sachin and Jigar. This is the first time such an event will take place in Ahmedabad. You can dance to Bollywood-inspired dandiya music at this event for two nights.

So put on your dancing shoes and your ghagra choli, grab your dandiya sticks and get grooving.

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