Productivity Hacks for Real Estate Startups

Productivity Hacks for Real Estate Startups

Real estate entrepreneurs ( Real Estate Startups/real estate companies/Supertech/DLF ) wear so many hats every day. From cold calling to digital marketing, there’s a lot that comes under the umbrella. Sometimes it can be overwhelming that the real estate agents feel like giving up everything and relax in the Toronto condos downtown for sale.

They jumbled in between the list of contact numbers; customers call real estate listings and have a tough time growing their startups.

So, if you’re also a real estate agent and struggling to grow your startup then these tips will help you out to scale out of the number of tasks and focus on the operations that need you the most.  

1. Organize: Add Details with the Contact Information

The major part of the real estate agents goes in sifting through the phone book and finding tenants to connect to their desired property. If you don’t organize the contact list, you’ll be left with rushing at the eleventh hour. And it’s a major productivity hack.

So, start organizing your phone book. When you list the customer’s name mention their full name with their contact number. This will help you to avoid duplication in names. Utilize the notes section to add details of the clients whether the status is active or not. Once you’ve closed the deal with the customers, turn their status off. It will help you to stay in touch with active customers only.

2. Sort: Create Folders for Each Category

Real Estate Startups have clients in several categories. Some of them are willing to purchase single-family homes, some are looking for Toronto condo downtown for sale while others are looking for Toronto lofts specifically. 

If you separate folders for each category, you’ll save your time by not running through all the documents in your PC. Archive the documents by years and months so you’ll know your current customers and the ones who are no longer in communication. It will also help you to drop a message to your old customers to update them about your business.

3. Schedule: Plan your Week

Weekends are a good time to plan your week for all the real estate activities. Take out the projects which are important and close to the deadlines. Plan your customers dealing from Monday to Friday. It will help you to separate the important tasks from the least important ones.

If in one week you successfully manage all the busy tasks, then you’ll get the next weekend to think out other operations of your business. It will help you to do more and achieve more.

4. Go Digital: Don’t Rely on PaperWork

Technology has changed the way we live. Gone are the days when you have to manage the paperwork to stay on top of the tasks. Now the digital tools and medium are enough to bring you results on the click.

For example, when you create a database and a website, you can filter the results of your customers. You’ll have a record of your clients along with the contact information. In addition, having a website is also fruitful for advertising and growing your digital presence. If in your startup you will still rely on the mundane paperwork then you won’t only waste your time but also be far away from growing your business. 

5. Communicate: Use the Instant messaging Apps

You can’t craft a good deal until you know what your clients want from you. Or you have to update them from time to time about the process. Having a messaging app on your phone like Whatsapp or Skype will help you to snap a photo of the property and send them on the go.

It will also be beneficial in staying in touch with your customers and generating leads from them. Some apps also allow making notes so it will be good if you keep your customers history and conversation updated on your apps.

Apart from these tips, always keep your real estate business updated with the latest trends and learn to stay on top of technology. In this way your clients can also find you easily, write about you and increase word of mouth advertising.

I have shared some handy tips with you, make a note and see the results. 

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