How to Rank Your Blog to the Top of the Search Engine and Get Notified

Strategies You Must Apply To Create and Rank Your Blog

How to Rank Your Blog

It is everyone’s dream to bring his/her blog on the top of the search engine.
( Social Media ) Who in this world of blogging doesn’t want to see his blog on top of the others in the search engine? All are thriving for that. If you are a novice in this field, the main question will arise in your mind that By when can I bring my blog to the top of the search engine and earn money through that? It is true that people want to earn money, a lot of cash through blogs. There are several techniques to follow that can fetch you a lot of money only through your blog. But whatever it is, the main thing is to make your blog popular, bring it to the top of the search engine and get notified by the users and also by the web browsers. Let’s discuss some of the useful tips to bring your blog/ website to the top.

Keyword Research is the Main Gamble

Before you could start anything with your blog say inserting the content or doing on-page optimization, the first thing you need to look for is the keyword analysis. A perfect keyword analysis can definitely bring your website/blog to the top of the search engine very soon, say around within a month. You need to focus on some particular keywords which you need to rank top.

Choose Keywords having Low Competition and Higher Search Volume

As it is a new blog/website you need to search for the keywords having very low competition but a higher volume of audience. You need to select a niche of your choice and then do extensive research work on the keywords.

Analyze the Competitor Activities

You can check your competitor behaviors those who are already at the top of the page fighting to rank for similar keywords of yours. Analyze the keywords that they are focussing on and also which are the sites they are getting the backlinks from. After extensive keyword research, you will hopefully find your desired keyword and then start focussing on that particular keyword while making the content or the rich content for your blog/website.

A Good Content Planning Can do Everything

After the keyword research, you must head towards proper content planning or content strategy. A huge volume of content with your desired keywords can complete your task very easily.

Choose Easy Language

You need to focus on the content that is very easy to read and understandable for the audience.

There should not be any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or Plagiarism present within your content. Also, try to write the sentences in active voice instead of making the sentences lengthy and written in a passive voice. Use small and effective sentences. 

Include Rich Content

Rich content(Images, Video) can attract huge traffic and make them engaged in your website/blog which in turn will reduce the bounce rate and you will be notified as a trustworthy website to the search engine. It will also help to increase the DA(Domain Authority) and PR(Page Rank) of your blog/website.

Write SEO Based Content

You can hire experienced content writers and get good content from them on a regular basis which you can then insert within your blog and observe good results. If your blog has a Higher DA and PR you will be even offered free content that you can post within your blog. A good SEO based content having your desired keywords can bring your site to the top in no time.

Include Graphics, Animation

You can also include animations, graphics, and infographic content to engage your audience which will also show very good result.

Post Content On a Regular Basis

The only thing you need to keep in mind that you need to keep posting the content on a regular basis as if there is a gap of 15 days or so and you do not post any content within that period, there is a possibility that the search engine will forget to crawl your content. It may harm your page ranking that you are fighting for.

Backlink Creations is the Game Changer

If you have good content but no backlinks from where you can fetch traffic, your content may not be that useful in terms of search engine optimization. Content is must, it is agreed. But, a good amount of backlinks is also very much required to bring traffic to your website or blog.

Focus on Quality Backlinks

The links must come from trusted and reliable sites having good DA and PR. Then only it will affect your DA and PR and bring your page to the top. If you simply use links coming from some random sites which are not authorized or non-reliable, it may instead harm your DA and PR. So you must be very choosy while creating the links.

Use Relevant Links

You also need to take care that the links are coming from the relevant websites or blogs that have a similar niche to your blog. All the links must be redirected to the most relevant content in your blog. Then only it will be helpful for the user, he will get what he was looking for. It will engage the user more and he will tend to spend more time within your blog. He will be satisfied with the content and in this way your site will slowly start becoming popular and more reliable. It will start affecting the PR and your site will start coming towards the top in the search engine. 

Social Media Link Sharing and Promotions

Nowadays social media has become the most trending affair in terms of promotional activities. If you really want to become popular you cannot look somewhere else other than Social Media. A good volume of social media posts and link sharing can very easily bring your blog more searchable to the audience.

Post Daily on Social Media

Daily content posting in various social media such a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest will bring very good results.

Videos and Vlogs

You can also make videos and Vlogs in websites like Youtube or Vimeo through which you can share your blog link and bring traffic to your blog. But regularity is the main thing that you need to focus on.

Maintain the Connectivity

You need to post content on a regular basis in all these websites to make people engage. If people do not find it attractive or filled with fresh content they will start visiting other websites, mostly they are the competitors of your blog. So you need to very regular and keep posting content, keep sharing posts and links.

I am sure if you follow these points you can definitely bring your blog to the top of the search engine within a very short period of time.

Sharing is the key. Keep sharing to get what you are looking for!


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