Reasons Why Gaming Is Good


Gaming is always a hot topic for many people. Many say it is good, and many say it’s addictive and bad. Studies have also proved ( playing a game ) that gaming, instead of making a bad impact does the opposite and helps young brains develop certain habits that are helpful.

Though many people still say playing video games will make us aggressive, make us violent and the debate never seems to end. And it’s also true that every coin has two sides, so do the people have different opinions about gaming. As I am a gamer, I will always support gaming and will try to change other people’s opinions about gaming so they know it actually helps. But not to talk negative reasons about it, let us see some positive sides of gaming and how it impacts our lives as we grow and learn something out of it.

It helps you adapt problem-solving

While playing a game, we always tend to find the easiest and quickest ways to beat any boss or puzzle. Even if fail for the first few attempts, we still continue to play unless we beat the boss and progress in the game. This trains our brains to find easy and quick ways in real life too. This creates a habit of thinking differently and solve the problem better than others.

This is more of a positive side rather than the negative side of gaming.

You become more social in Gaming

A lot of parents complain about their child’s habit of playing games and not going out to socialize with people. They also fear that their child is getting less and less social every day. But that is not true; in fact, gaming can make your more social give exposure to meet new people every day. Even I have met a lot of people while playing different MMORPG, and yes we are still good friends. As a matter of fact, we learn many things from our online friends that even your local friends will tell you.

So the myth of gaming making your anti-social or an introvert is completely wrong. Though the debate over it that those online friends will give us a bad influence will never end, I think it’s a personal choice to choose your friends wisely, because even the local friends and people can give you a bad influence. 

Hand-Eye coordination

This one is completely true and no one can deny the fact that playing video games will improve a person’s Hand-Eye coordination. Even a study has shown that gamers have better hand-eye coordination than a non-gamer person and perform tasks faster. This is due to the fact that the gamer has to look at their screen while playing with keyboard and mouse. This gives gamers a habit of using concentrating on-screen and automates the hand moment.


Gaming will definitely improve an individual’s teamwork and cooperation with people. It creates a bond between team members and helps us tackle problems together rather than handling it single-handedly. The team will help team members to build trustful relationships among them and also rely on each other when the need arrives. Also, it makes us understand that a problem can also be solved dividing it among each other rather than making your hands full with it and avoid problems.

Focus and Attention

Whenever we focus on some task, it makes the task easier to complete. When we play video games, we tend to focus on our character and its surroundings for hidden fact or any detail which will help us complete the given objective easily. This improves our attention and focuses on details that are hidden in plain sights. And focus not only needed while playing a game but also in every task in our life. Many studies have concluded that gamers have more focus and attention to details than non-gamer groups. Even scientists have conducted many experiments on this and concluded the same. 

Saves you from being a quitter

Ever wondered when you lose to some boss in the game and fail at it for the first time. We always try it for the second time, and if we still fail we will try it unless we succeed. This makes us go and try the thing which we fail several times and makes us keep going. This habit will not only help us while playing games but also in real life when things won’t go according to us. We will always remember how to try several times before then the boss was down and we moved on to achieve greater objectives in the game. In fact, life is very similar to video games. It will continue to test us in various situations and we have to learn to try and try until we succeed. So yes, gaming saves you from being a quitter.

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