How to keep your office sanitized during Coronavirus

office sanitized during Coronavirus

In a bid to help fight against the new coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), health experts have shared some tips for (disinfection/sterilization) sanitization or sanitized during Coronavirus your office to stop the spread of the virus.

Cleaning and Sterilization

According to the experts, office spaces, including conference rooms should be cleaned every evening after office hours or early in the morning before the rooms are occupied.

Cleaning and sanitization/sterilization are the essentials that need to be followed amid the COVID-19 spread. Depending upon the number of users, disinfection must be used frequently. The most common and effective disinfectant is Sodium Hypochlorite (commonly known as Household Bleach) is available with a 5-6 percent solution which can be diluted with water.


Any surface including tabletops, countertops, tables, handles, door latches, and knobs, etc. should be left for one minute in contact with the solution and then wiped off.

Certain precautions are – it is essential to keep the doors open, ensure proper ventilation, and one should not directly inhale it and should not be mixed with any other disinfection & sanitization which is quaternary ammonium compounds. For electronic gadgets like mobiles, desktops, laptops, Mouse, keyboards, normal sanitizers can be used which has a composition of isopropyl alcohol (70 percent).

For sterilization of rooms, with expected gatherings, using a UV-C band of light in the room, is an easy way of disinfection. The room should be closed and the light should not be seen directly as it can be dangerous for vision.

According to Dr. Rakesh Chawla, Senior Consultant, Respiratory Medicine, Saroj Super Speciality Hospital in Delhi, it is important to keep the office ambience hygienic and well sanitized.

While most of us prefer to keep various items which have a potential of multiple touches, clean, but other things include, clothes (uniform), carpets, rugs, doormats, etc. which also needs to be cleaned, the doctor said.

“Normally available disinfectants like Lysol, Harpic, 256 DT (diluted with water) can be used to clean the floor and soap solution can be used to disinfect cloth materials which can be washed in the warmest water possible. Basically cleaning has to be done effectively especially things which are easily touchable,” Chawla said.

According to the guidelines issued by the Union Health Ministry, hand sanitizing stations should be installed in office premises (especially at the entry) and near high contact surfaces.

In addition, all employees should consider cleaning the work area ahead of them with a disinfecting wipe before use and sit one seat further faraway from others, if possible.

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