Special Day Guru ji Birthday: To know more about GuruJi’s

Om Namah Shivaya


Guruji’s Birth and Family

Guru ji Satsang ( Guruji ka Satsang ) Mahashiv Guruji is that the “Divine Light” that came on earth to bless ( Guruji Mantra Jaap ) and enlighten humanity.  Guruji was born in his mortal avatar as Nirmal Singh Maharaj On seventh Gregorian calendar month 1954, within the Dugri village at Malerkotla, Sangrur District, geographic area (India).

Mahashiv Guru ji was born into a humble family.  This family had continually been blessed by the birth of saints and fakirs through generations; however, per Mataji (Guruji’s mother), she had no concept that a Mahapurush of such a high level would change state to her. per the nurse, the day Guruji was born, she saw a snake and a weird reasonably a bright lightweight extra service the area. once the pandit (priest) ready the birth chart, he clearly told Mata terrorist organization that this kid isn’t simply hers, however, it belongs to the whole world.

Even as a touching baby, there was a fragrance in his excretion and he ne’er draggled his garments. As a young boy, he was usually found within the fields sitting in Samadhi (meditation), fully unfazed by the burning sun or sturdy rains. His classmates would usually rib of him since he ne’er gave the impression to fancy the type of things they did.

By this point, his oldsters accomplished that their son was no standard person however God himself. Even His mother started touching his feet and occupation him ‘Guruji’, as he was currently known by everybody.

Guruji’s Education and Friends

Guruji visited faculty at the Dugri school and Government high school. He did his faculty from the govt. faculty at Malerkotla. Guruji was double M.A in English and economic science. He spoke fluent English and had pretty handwriting. Yet, simply to place a veil on all people, he would usually raise the United States to spell sure words for him.

Guruji studied on solely to meet the needs of his father, United Nations agency like every traditional father wished his son to induce an MA degree. Guruji finally did a double MA. The father recollects that his young son would usually facilitate him until the fields and also the crop yield would end up to be over and over quite that of others within the area!

Incidents throughout His faculty and Early Year

One of the earliest known incidents of Guruji’s preference for the nonsecular was outlay time at the Dera of Sant Sewa Dasji at Dugri. Santji was a saint of high order United Nations agency had renounced worldly life and had an outsized following. Guruji would usually go and sit at the Dera a lot of to the hate of the family United Nations agency wished him to pay time finding out instead of sit amongst sages.

At times he would be bolted within an area, however short they might realize it unbarred and Guruji would be found sitting with the sages at the Dera. The sages would usually tell folks to go away the young Guruji alone as he was the ‘lord of all the 3 looks’ himself and will not be interfered with.

Guruji’s schoolmates recall his notable exploit of filling empty inkpots by simply touching them along with his finger.  Once throughout AN examination, a class fellow asked Guruji for a few inks for his pen and Guruji simply touched it along with his finger to fill it up!

His friends have over and over-narrated this incident ahead of Guruji on however he would usually fill ink in pens that had run out. I even have in person seen Guruji do that only once in Jalandhar. Guruji had a diary within which he wrote down the addresses of some people that visited him. That day I happened to be the one sitting next to his Aasan and every time he wished to put in writing somebody’s address he would inquire from me to pass the diary to him. The pen within the diary wasn’t operating. Since morning I used to be borrowing pens from the Sangat for him to put in writing down the addresses. within the evening, Guruji wished to put in writing down somebody’s address and before I might raise someone for a pen he checked out American state, blew into the pen and commenced writing. I wished to form certain if the pen was really operating, therefore, I raised myself on my knees to seem and affirmative, the pen was working! He once more gave the American state a smile and continued writing.

He took nice pains to suppress his supernatural powers ahead of others and seem traditional. however, usually would go away his lecturers bemused by his unforeseen disappearance from the schoolroom seat and be back following moment! His classmates bear in mind him knowing all the queries of the paper beforehand!

One of Guruji’s classmates usually narrated a happening wherever he visited develop Guruji for faculty on his scooter. On reaching Guruji’s house, Guruji told him that he had some work and would meet him in faculty. Guruji ne’er possessed a scooter, nevertheless guruji was standing and looking ahead to his friend at the faculty premises. simply to check him, Guruji’s friend rode back to Guruji’s house to seek out Guruji gift at his house moreover. There are varied incidents wherever Guruji has been seen the gift in additional than one place at the identical time.

In another incident, Guruji’s friends wished to show him the way to swim. Since he ne’er likable obtaining wet he would usually resist. sooner or later all of them got along and set to throw guruji into the village well. One of his friends went down the well and also the different remained on high to push guruji into the well. once guruji was pushed into the well, his friends were dismayed to ascertain that he didn’t hit the water however was, in fact, floating over it. His friends got afraid and before they knew it, Guruji was out of the well beside them; along with his garments fully dry. nobody until nowadays understood, however, Guruji came out or why he didn’t hit the water.

Guruji dislikable obtaining dirty or having his garments draggled. He wasn’t keen on doing the standard chores within the agricultural fields. {one day|at some point|in the future|someday|sooner or later|in some unspecified time within the future} Guruji’s father insisted he works with them in the rice fields. even as his father was near to push him into the fields, 2 men came on a scooter and aforesaid Guruji was wished somewhere and took Guruji away with them.

Mataji would usually send Guruji to induce wheat or maize ground from the village grinding mill. He would take the wheat and maize from home and once having it ground, he would distribute it among the poor and poverty-stricken.

One day Guruji brought a truckload of individuals home in the dead of night and far to the annoyance of his mother, asked her to organize food for all. once feeding them he distributed plain-woven mats created by his mother among them and asked them to any or all rest till he finally allows them to go early morning. On being asked why he did such a factor he told his family that had he not stopped them and brought them home, they might have had AN accident and died.

He had no inhibitions concerning going into the graveyard in the dead of night and would usually be found meditating there for hours. a lot of to the hate of his family, he usually has unbroken the corporate of sages.

Guruji’s non-secular Journey

Guruji Left his village and residential in 1975 (as rumored by his classmates) and once faculty he, in brief, worked for the geographic area faculty education board, in its field workplace at Sangrur as a clerical assistant in 1983. Guruji told the United States that by the age of eight, he had full management over all his needs. He devoted all his time to meditation.

After a while, he left home to meet his non-secular journey during this world. He would usually seem within the house of 1 of his acquaintances — keep for some days then move off — to wherever ever he felt and even disappear for days at a stretch.

No matter wherever he stayed folks crowded to him for saving from malady or the other downside they’d. shortly the news of his powers unfold all across the geographic area and folks wanted him out in spite of wherever he was.

Guruji’s father ne’er believed nor likable Guruji’s manner of life. He thought his son was simply a pretense to be a godman, till on a daily basis in Jalandhar temple, once within the early hours he awoke to a Wierd sound. He saw Guruji walk into an area with a giant lion behind him. He got afraid and awoke the caretakers solely to be told that that exact space is bolted which Guruji is sitting in meditation. at the moment day, Guruji’s father understood that his son was no standard creature which he was special.

Guruji is “Shiva” – Miracles and Healing Powers

Guruji was Lord Shiva incarnate and had disclosed himself within the divine kind to several of his devotees. Guruji emitted the divine fragrance from his self that adored that of heavenly roses. Even today, long once he’s not there in his physical kind, his fragrance is felt like a symptom of his presence significantly in spirit!

Guruji in his short journey on this earth touched the lives of various folks, additionally of these United Nations agency had ne’er even met Him. He would scan the persona of a fan by gazing him and knowing all concerning his life — past, gift, and future. He would then bless the person as he thought suited them.

Guruji cured thousands of all types of diseases. He helped folks to induce out of difficulties, giving peace and happiness to any or all United Nations agency came to him. He blessed even those that had ne’er even seen him however their relatives and friends would return to him and beg for his facilitate to beat their issues.

During his Guruji Satsang ( Guruji ka Satsang ) — because the daily congregations were known as — melodious Gurbaani and Shabad would flow within the hall wherever the devotees would be sitting on the ground ahead of him and meditating. He would bless them, not by touching them, however by neutering the trail of their lives simply by his non-secular powers! usually, he would cure, heal or bestow upon his devotee’s things they didn’t even think about asking!

There were times once he would raise a fan to stand-up facing the congregation and relate his divine expertise of Guruji’s blessing. This was additionally the simplest way of inculcating religion within the supreme just in case any fan had any ‘ifs and buts’ in his mind — as he places it! This was known as a Guruji Satsang.

Each Guruji Satsang ( Guruji ka Satsang ) would finish with a generous serving to of langar served to any or all. Guruji’s langar had his divine blessings and their square measure endless incidents wherever devotees would get cured simply by partaking in it. identical is claimed concerning the tea served as prasad throughout the Sangat.

Today, long once Guruji’s physically gone from their lives, devotees visit the Bada Mandir to receive his multitudinous blessings. He had continually aforesaid that anyone United Nations agency entered his temples would be blessed in some life or the opposite — one thing that continues to happen even nowadays. The air is thick with all the new miracles happening particularly to those that have not even seen Guruji. Lucky square measure those whose lives have really been touched by him!

And He heals. He heals with a mere look, showering His blessings through eyes stuffed with the ocean of affection for all those that square measure troubled.

Any fan will testify to Guruji’s grace, that steers him removed from troubled waters, in any and each hour of would like. And many thousands United Nations agencies have returned to Him – troubled by malady or mental strife, discouraged by the planet – haven’t solely found the divine healing bit however additionally the solution of suffering, the thanks to beat the strain of contemporary, material life.

Those who have gone to Him in their hour of grave peril have found succor while not their having to arouse it. Stories square measure legion of Guruji’s miraculous cures. Guruji Satsang ( Guruji ka Satsang ) (literally, the corporate of truth; loosely, a fellowship within which pious songs square measure listened to and experiences in religion recounted) square measure replete with hypnotic talks of diseases spirited away, galling bosses control trapped, simply promotions finally obtained, and even weather created to adapt Guruji’s dictates. Through Guruji Satsang ( Guruji ka Satsang ), Guruji permits folks to share their experiences so others can also take a full good thing about Guruji’s being.

While several preachers during this world facilitate individual progress on the trail of salvation, Guruji is into action. His is a completely sensible approach that leaves no space for doubt. He takes the burden of His devotees upon Himself. Their issues become His and He spirits them away. sort of an infatuated father, He stands guard over the trustworthy, He brings smiles into not solely the devotee’s face, however additionally into the lives of those whom the fan holds pricey. Thus, for those in His Sharan, miracles square measure a norm, with each fan being in an exceedingly position to assert having old life-altering instances that may solely be known as miracles. Yet, nothing beneath Guruji’s protecting umbrella is out of the blue, everything is by His selection alone. And His selection disclosed through His Hukm (order), assuredly drives you towards the brightest destiny attainable, one that’s usually on the far side the boundaries of the devotee’s imagination itself.

Guruji’s darshan is to be blessed forever. To require refuge in Him is to the touch the hem of Immortality, which grants you the bravery to push aside worries and diseases. To be semiconductor diode by His steerage is like being in an exceeding fort, protected against all odds, uninjured by the unhealthy times. To be granted to follow Him is to the touch the wellspring of life itself, of love, of sweet sanity; it’s to steer the standard road of service and devotion.

Guruji Mandir

Guruji’s Bade Mandir

He stayed intermittently at Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Panchkula, Delhi, Mumbai, etc finally subsiding down in an exceeding house, currently called his temple in Defence Colony, Jalandhar. He shuttled between Delhi and Jalandhar until 2002 once he finally settled down within the Empire Estate house on MG Road in the national capital, called the Chotta Mandir.

Guruji Satsangs at varied places as well as Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Panchkula, and national capital.

During the 90s he additionally created the knife Mandir in Bhatti Mines space in Chattarpur, known to his devotees because of the Bade Mandir. It currently homes his samadhi.

Guruji’s Blessings Through Satsangs and Langar Prasad

The shower of Guruji’s blessings began to fall on the planet to minimize the sufferings of many thousands of individuals and satsangs1 began happening. it absolutely was here that folks came from everywhere Asian nation and different elements of the planet to hunt his blessings. The devotees old his grace in varied forms: incurable diseases were well and also the entire matrix of issues starting from legal to money to emotional were resolved. Some members of the Sangat additionally had divine darshans (visions) of deities. There was nothing not possible for Guruji, for he wrote fate, and will re-write it.

Guruji’s doors were hospitable the high and low, poor and wealthy, and folks of all non-secular affiliations. From the foremost standard of men to the foremost power of politicians, businessmen, bureaucrats, military service personnel, doctors, and professionals, everybody came to hunt his blessings. All were equally in would like of him and Guruji blessed all alike. Those sitting on the brink of him, touching his feet, benefitted the maximum amount as those seeking his blessing within their prayers anyplace in the world. Guruji was a giver, he ne’er expected or took something from anyone. Guruji would say and “Blessings always” is what the fan would get. He once explained that his “Blessings always” weren’t for this life alone, however, he finished with nirvana.

Guruji ne’er delivered any sermons or prescribed any rituals, nevertheless his message was received by the fan in ways that known solely to the fan. This “connection” with him wasn’t solely elevating and energizing however additionally a deeply remodeling one. It upraised the devotees’ life to tier wherever joy, fulfillment, and peace came simple. Guruji’s kind exuded a divine fragrance, just like roses. Also, his fragrance is felt like proof of his presence by his devotees.


He earned Mahasamadhi in Delhi on might thirty-one, 2007. Guruji took Mahasamadhi on thirty-first might 2007. He left no successor: for the “light divine” there’s none. His stress was that the fan continually gets connected “directly” with him, and additional, therefore, through the medium of prayers and meditation. Guruji encompasses a temple, popularly called Bade Mandir set at Bhatti mines in South Delhi. Today, once Guruji isn’t any additional in his mortal semblance, his blessings square measure operating identical wonders, along with his grace falling equally on those that ne’er met him in their period.

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