Water Purifiers How To Get Clean And Pure Drinking Water

Water Purifiers

Clean, germ, chemical and solvent-free, and good tasting water is what everyone wants when they want to drink water. Well naturally, everyone wants to remain healthy while keeping themselves hydrated. In most of the households, water purifiers ( UV water purifiers/water purifier amazon/aquaguard ) do an excellent job in eliminating the bad odor, toxic substances, lead, chemical solvents from the water before the family has consumed it. These filters work on different kinds of water purification techniques and purify water to make it fit for human consumption.

But, can one kind of water purification ( UV water purifiers ) technology filter water all kinds of water conditions? It isn’t possible! So, identifying the type of water purifier you need depending upon the type of water condition you consume is very important. After all, you and your family must not just drink water for the sake of it but also stay safe and healthy.

Let’s find out the kind of water purification technologies ( water purifier aquaguard ) available and then you can decide on the kind you need for your home or your commercial space:

Types of Water Purification Techniques

The different types of techniques used in the water purifiers ( water purifier aquaguard ) for the purification of drinking water are many.  Some remove contaminants better than the others! Here they are:

1. UV Water Filters

These kind of water purifiers ( water purifier aquaguard ) are perfect for getting clean drinking water out of municipality water. They filter water through 3 stages of purification. In the first stage, contaminants like mud and dust are separated. In the second purification stage, lead, bad odor, pesticides, if any, bad taste, organic impurities, are eliminated. In the final scene, bacteria, virus, and other disease-causing microorganisms are let out of the water, making it one step closer to be fit for human consumption.

The UV Water purifiers use UV rays to purify water, making it as pure as boiled water. So, when you finally drink the water out of these filters, no chemicals get inside your body, you stay hydrated and healthy. Also, intake all the necessary minerals that your body requires for wholesome growth.

UV water purifiers consume less energy, do not even alter the natural water taste as they do not use any semi-permeable membranes or chemicals. These water filters have a little maintenance cost and require minimal manual cleaning.

2. RO Water Purifiers

This is a kind of water purification technology that is ideal for areas that have hard water with a high level of TDS (Totally Dissolved Solids). Here, water passes through a thin, semi-permeable RO membrane at high pressure. This process helps in reducing the number of minerals and salt present in the water, by say 90%, by bringing it down to a permissible level.

Hard water contains minerals like arsenic, iron, fluoride, etc. which the RO water filter helps you get rid of.

This water purification ( UV water purifiers ) technology shows away all kinds of contaminants present in the hard water making it safe for human consumption, thereby keeping you safe and disease-free. Water purifiers with this technology are cost-effective and are very easy to use and maintain as well. One call to the Aquaguard RO service center, once in 6 months, for clean-up of your water filter is more than enough!

3. Ultra Filtration

This kind of water purification technology ( water purifier aquaguard ) uses a hollow membrane which is used to separate water from the contaminants present in it. The material used to make the layer depends on its capability to keep contaminants apart from water. Water passes through the segment when it acts as a barrier to all the suspended mud, dust, bacteria, viruses, and all other disease-causing germs.

While all of these elements are trapped, purified water passes through that is safe and ideal for human consumption. Such water filters are perfect for regions where water isn’t heavily polluted, and the water contamination is low because through the thin UF membrane if any chemicals are present in water, they can easily pass.

UF water filters work well when the water pressure is low. Yes, that’s true. Purifying muddy water is a truth for these water filters. They do not use chemicals. So, you get the natural taste of water. You won’t find germs or their dead bodies floating in your drinking water while consuming as the UF membrane traps them well. The best part of these water purifiers is they last long.

4. Activated Carbon

The filters with such purification technologies use activated carbon to remove contaminants from water. This carbon is usually made from coal, nutshells, coconut shells, and wood. Carbon, in these purifiers, chemically bonds with the contaminants leading to their elimination. Pesticides with waterborne disease-causing chemical solvents are easily caught by activated carbon. While some filters can only remove chlorine, there are a few who can eliminate harmful ones like mercury and lead.

The process that these filters use to purify water is called Adsorption in which whatever contaminants are present in the water stick to the carbon surface. The water that you finally consume is free from most of the waterborne disease-causing chemicals, foul smell, and taste.

As you can see, the kind of water filtration technologies is so different from one another. So go ahead and bring the type of water filter home that you genuinely need, and contact Aquaguard RO service department to get the best water purifier. Stay healthy, stay safe, and drink plenty of water. 

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