Food delivery apps delivering wholesome meals safely

Article by Dr Siddhant Bhargava, Fitness and Nutritional Scientist, Co-Founder of Food Darzee

food delivery apps

The on-going global pandemic has left no sector untouched by its wave of impacts. With the escalating number of people being affected by Covid-19, it is important to comprehend the pandemics’ severe impacts on every corner of the nation’s economy. With almost all the segments that have fallen trap to the indeterminate impacts of COVID 19, even the Indian food and beverage industry is responding to the on-going crisis situation by bracing itself to combat the virus impacts.

The over-all food & beverage industry encompasses a multitude of virtual and offline food chains couple with food delivery apps. The chief aspects indicating towards the reckless growth of the food & beverages industry prior to COVID-19 pandemic include the upsurge in the number of on-the-go consumers, an amplified adoption of ready to eat edibles and an increase in the number of food deliveries. However, the temporary closures of the restaurants and a momentary halt in food delivery practices due to the fear of getting infected has disturbed the smooth flow of the industry.

Ever since the lockdown has been imposed to avert the virus from spreading, day-to-day life has become a lot more complex. One of the greatest challenges it has created is ordering food. A task as simple as ordering food from delivery apps has become fraught with questions as people are now speculating if it is safe. Customers have become aware about personal hygiene to combat the virus. Food delivered from outside would encompass numerous strangers, right from the food to it being delivery to your doorstep. 

The good news is that presently there is no evidence that the COVID 19 has a possibility to be spread through the food itself. However, one cannot deny the fact that it is vital to take the necessary precautionary measures when ordering food. In times of a pandemic like this one, there are always risks involved. The major concern comes as ordering food has a possibility of exposing to deliverers encountering many people. Hence many food delivery apps are taking all the necessary precautionary measures to make food delivery a go-to option.

Following are essential steps taken by food delivery services to curb the virus spread:

Following an effective outreach

The food delivery platforms have started an operative outreach program. This is to reassure their customers about the safety involved in ordering food through virtual media. These programs have been designed to inform customers about the optimum practices that are being followed in order to enable them to order food without being wary.

Temperature tracker

The health status of the delivery partner has become one of the major concerns for customers while ordering food. As a solution to this, many food delivery apps are making use of a temperature tracker on their app. This is done to enable the customers to become aware of the body temperatures of all. The stakeholders right from the cook to the delivery boy.

No-contact delivery services

In order to maintain social distancing and to avert contact with the delivery guy. Many platforms are offering their customers with services like no-contact delivery options while ordering food. The feature ensures that you do not come in contact with the delivery partner in any way. Customers can choose from any of the digital payment methods for contactless deliveries.

PPE kits to delivery agents

Since the delivery workers are particularly vulnerable to the virus. Apps are providing delivery agents with safety equipment like gloves and masks.

Sanitizing kitchens

Customers are majorly concerned about the hygiene conditions of places where the food is made and parcels are paced. Food delivery apps are taking measures to dehumidify and sanitize all the surfaces thus preventing the growth of the virus.

Appending their existing menus

The mindful consumers might want to opt for immunity-boosting edibles that will facilitate in nourishing their health. Hence many brands have appended their menus with customized meals based on individual requirements to boost fitness goals.

By taking the appropriate steps. Food delivery services are ensuring to bestow customers with wholesome yet tasty menus thus safeguarding their health even amidst the pandemic

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